Grab this Lifetime Deal at just $99! By combining different market-leading tools, Wave.video provides a simple and quick solution for creating and recording videos. If you are looking to live stream content, record a video for social media platforms such as Facebook or YouTube, or even create thumbnails for your work, then you should explore these options.
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What does the tool do

Wave.video is an integrated platform for video creation, hosting, and management. It offers features such as live streaming studio, video editing, thumbnail generation, video recording capabilities, as well as access to a library of stock videos.

How does it Help

With one platform, you can record, edit, multistream and store brand-related video content. This platform features tools for resizing and trimming videos, combining clips, changing layouts, adding text animations, stickers, transitions, etc. It also provides the ability to easily add auto-generated captions and custom subtitles to your videos.

Ideal For

Small businesses, Content creators, E-commerce

Similar To

Vimeo, StreamYard


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