Grab this Exclusive Lifetime Deal at just $69! With Squash, you can easily create, deploy, and tear down staging sites for each branch of code with just one click.
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What does the tool do

Squash is a development environment that helps you manage your code changes and prevents accidental push to production. It’s easy to use and enables you to create multiple environments with one click, so you can be confident that only the code you want gets pushed to production.

How does it Help?

Squash is the new standard when it comes to configuring and deploying multiple dev environments. It is developer-friendly, meaning that it was designed and created with the needs of developers in mind. Squash lets you create test environments and disposable staging sites for each branch of code effortlessly, and without any cloud lock-in.

Ideal For

Developers, Ecommerce, QA

Similar To

Buddy.works, GitLab


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