A quick and easy tool for content creation, using a design editor and AI writer, to boost you content to professional levels.
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What does the tool do

Simplified is a creation tool to design templates and sites quickly. Additionally, it offers an easy to use AI writer for your content. All these tools are available in a collaborative workflow, so you can include your team and get the most out of Simplified.

How does it Help

Make designing content easy and quick, using Simplified and its no-code AI-powered design editor . So you can spend more time on more important things while your content looks professional. The AI writer cuts out the time necessary to write content. Make designing and writing even easier by sharing it with your collegues via the collaborative functionality and get your projects done even faster. Get millions of photos and even more designs, video templates, icons, fonts and more.

Use Cases

Content creators, Marketers, Businesses, Freelancers

Similar To

Adobe Spark, Canva, Copy AI

simplified dashboard
Simplified Dashboard


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Simplified Pricing