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Sales Simplify is a sales automation and engagement platform that helps you to be consistent in your business with less effort. It has built-in CRM and cloud communication channels, along with an AI-powered pipeline management system that will help you boost your productivity and close more deals.
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What does the tool do

Sales Simplify is a one-of-its kind sales automation tool, that lets you access and manage your leads in one place. It also comes with integration capabilities and easy to use interface, which makes it an innovation that increases your sales efficiently..

How does it Help

Sales Simplify is an intelligent CRM, task management system and sales assistant. It helps you manage leads and communication with the most important prospects. This bot uses AI to automate your lead generation, sales pipeline tracking and campaign management.

Use Cases

Sales, Marketers, Remote teams, Business management

Similar To

Salescamp, Lead camp, One harsh CRM

sales simplify
Sales Simplify


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