A SaaS tool to create sales automation and leads generation by personalized multichannel outreach. Create appealing E-Mail campaigns too.
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What does the tool do

Sales.Rocks offers sales automation, using a multichannel outreach with a high level of personalization. If you need a one-stop solution for the entire buyer’s journey that lets you find leads, conduct initial outreach, engage in personalized conversation and upsell using smart sales triggers, Sales.Rocks is offering all that and more to you.

How does it Help

Make, customize and edit multichannel campaigns with E-Mail and LinkedIn actions to automate your outreach to your customers and leads. Add pictures with your own tags and opening lines. This way, you can address each prospect with a personalized message and increase your sales probability dramatically.

Use Cases

Account executives, Sales Reps, Business owners

Similar To, ZoomInfo dashboard

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