Make your presentations as good as they can be by using PromptSmart, the best teleprompter on the market. Whether you are presenting to a small audience or a huge crowd, our app will help you deliver an engaging and entertaining show that is always on point.
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What does the tool do

PromptSmart is a voice-driven software that reads your script at your own pace with voice-tracking technology that only scrolls when you talk.

How does it Help

PromptSmart is a website that allows you to create and edit movie scripts online. You can either upload your scripts from Google Drive or Dropbox or add new ones. You can then add headings, notes and other information in between each line of the script.

Use Cases

Content Creators, Youtubers and Influencers

Similar To

BigVu, Teleprompter Pro



promptsmart pricing
PromptSmart Pricing
Lifetime Deal