Grab this Lifetime Deal at just $49! ProductLift is a powerful tool that helps you prioritize your product roadmap using live user feedback. It's simple to use; you can create changelogs, share your roadmap with stakeholders, and see an overview of everything that has been developed - all in one place.
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What does the tool do

ProductLift is a feedback, roadmap & changelog tool for SaaS. With this tool, you can directly ask your customers what they think of your product and see the results in real-time. This is useful for tracking every feature idea, and prioritize them with an upvote system. In addition, you can manage your roadmap and get notified when someone comments on a specific feature – making it easier to stay on top of things.

How does it Help

This software tool is designed for developers and marketers who want to make features prioritization more adaptable, based on the opinions of their customers.

With this ultra-flexible tool, you’ll be able to spend less time managing tasks and feedback, and more time focusing on building great products!

Ideal For

Product Managers, SaaS, Customer Support

Similar To

Canny, Productboard


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