A data extraction and automation tool to offer many ready to use templates and does not require any coding knowlege.
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What does the tool do

Hexomatic is an easy to use no-code data extraction, as well as workflow automation tool. Create your very own bots quickly, to extract data from any website and use 60+ ready made automations.

How does it Help

Hexomatic helps to save time on repeating tasks, that occur in your daily work. It offers point-and-click functionality on a no-code, cloud-based automation platform. You will have more than 60 already made automations at your fingertips to use. Turn any data from any websites into a spreadsheet or JSON format file.

Use Cases

Marketing teams, Businesses, Data collection tams

Similar To

Webscraper.io, Apify

hexomatic dashboard
Hexomatic Dashboard


hexomatic pricing
Hexomatic Pricing