Empathy Equity ebook and Workbook Bundle

This eBook and Self-Guided Coaching Workbook Bundle combines the genius of the ebook with a step-by-step guide to applying the book's concepts to your real life.
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What does the tool do

This e-book and workbook bundle is specially designed to help you with your relationships, both personal and at work.

How does it Help

This set of 2 ebooks will help you to develop and refine your ability to empathize with others so that you can speak to them from the heart and create long-lasting trust and rapport.

Use Cases

Readable and immediately applicable, readers who adopt the strategies in this book today will be equipped with everything needed to begin leading diverse teams with confidence.

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empathy equity ebook
Empathy Equity ebook


empathy equity ebook pricin
Empathy Equity ebook Pricing

Lifetime Deal