Content is source of truth and thus content in a CMS is the most valuable part. With Contentrain, we have taken content management to a whole new level. It's a Git-based headless CMS that focuses on developer and content editor experience first. Written in Golang, Contentrain is fast and very extensible.
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What does the tool do

Contentrain is a next generation Git hosting solution which makes it easier to host and scale your git repositories on the cloud.

How does it Help

Contentrain is a self-service tool that allows non-technical users to create and manage flexible data models without writing code. It has no limitations on the number of fields or relationships you can add and allows you to easily adjust those as business needs change.

Use Cases

Content creators, online publishers looking to increase exposure with audio integration across multiple platforms

Similar To

TakeShapeCMS, GraphCMS



contentrain pricing
Contentrain Pricing