A customizable client platform that enables sharing, mobile app support and branding with your own logo.
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What does the tool do

Clinked allows you to share documents, communicate and collaborate with clients in your own branded portal. It is a centralized location where you can share files, manage projects and collaborate with your clients in real-time. Clinked comes with mobile app support too.

How does it Help

Clinked helps to improve the way your businesses works, with external clients and partners, connecting them and your team on a secure platform. It makes file sharing easy and accessable anytime and anywhere, using the mobile app. Make a seamless client experience for everybody in your business with clinked as a white-label portal on the cloud. Send and upload files of any size, start discussions and group chats, set a to-do list with deadlines, and sync calendars.

Use Cases

Small and medium businesses, Freelancers, Agencies

Similar To

MS SharePoint, Huddle

clinked dashboard
Clinked Dashboard


clinked pricing
Clinked Pricing